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In regards to the last post featuring the BEST DELIVERY I HAVE EVER RECEIVED (a six pack of blackberry Clearly Canadian), I just want to say that I’m hoarding those bottles like Elaine Benes hoarded her sponges. 

It’s a conundrum - do I drink them when I’m having a really bad day to make the day brighter, or do I drink them when I’m having a really awesome day to make that day even MORE amaaaaaaaazing.

I drank one on ice almost immediately after getting the box of them and THE TASTE WAS JUST AS PERFECT AS I REMEMBERED. I drank another one on my sister’s birthday (“happy birthday Brie! I’ll let you have ONE TINY SIP!”). Four left.

I honestly don’t remember the last time I had one. YEARS AGO. Online I found people talking about how they were still gulping them down in 2009, but I know that for me it was wayyyyyyyyy before that. One day they just weren’t in the coolers anymore.

And I wept.

Inwardly, but heavily.

When I was really little our family used to go to this camp way out in the woods (more in the woods than we normally were) and there was one tiny store in the town BUT that store had blackberry Clearly Canadian so my taste buds were happy.

I just got one out of the fridge (THREE LEFT!) because I have no restraint. 

You know that episode of The Cosby Show where Cliff gives birth to a sandwich and a bottle of (orange?) soda? I would give birth to some sort of panini and a six pack of blackberry Clearly Canadian. 

The other day I was looking at my friend’s facebook profile and his cover photo was an old Crystal Pepsi ad. I started reminiscing about that soda freakshow, and my mind quickly jumped to my favorite deceased beverage. I googled it - just for kicks - and that’s how I ended up on the Beverages Direct website and seeing that they were rereleasing B.C.C. for a limited time. I almost coughed up the $47.79 for a 24 pack, but with my limited funds I settled for the measly 6.

I AM SO THANKFUL THAT I CHOSE TO GOOGLE BLACKBERRY CLEARLY CANADIAN ON THAT DAY. I’d never forgive myself if I’d missed the opportunity to sip on it again. Never.

The people who have left reviews on the website are my sort of people. Chago, Bjarne, Heather, Stephanie & Andrew - I wish we could all sit together and drink blackberry Clearly Canadians together. You guys get it.