Mallory McInnis

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This speaks to the way a lot of us live our lives. I don’t mean to go off on too far a tangent, but I occasionally get asked about my path as a journalist—what I did when, and why—by people who wish to recreate the steps. I’m able to spin them a yarn that is, I presume, helpful in some way. Or so I hope. By the end, it sounds like I took a very deliberate approach with my career, that every step was meticulously laid out and the whole time, I was very aware of where I was about to go.

That’s horseshit, though. Anyone who tells you they had a plan their entire life and managed to stick relentlessly to it like a vat of slow-moving molasses (I very much liked that Sweetums disaster) is either a) lying, or b) boring. In my experience, it’s the people who are able to roll with the punches, taking advantage of whatever computer disappearances life throws at them, that find themselves the most successful. Sure, if you ask them later, they’ll be able to say that yes, thing one led to thing two, and so on. But I guarantee that when thing one ended and thing two had yet to begin, they were fucking terrified.

- Steve Heisler on life and Parks and Recreation at the A.V. Club.